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  • After all, the depressed black fish could not help but rush up crazily, like locusts, swarming up. Inside several black fish piled up into a pyramid, outside the black fish desperately looking for cracks to drill inside, a dark small fortress gradually formed, airtight, occasionally greedy swallowing sound came from inside, is also stuffy. Patter. Something flew out of the fortress, fell to the ground, bounced into the dark corner, and was ignored by the black fish who were busy grabbing food. It was a badly gnawed little finger. Xiao Feng. Separated by a wall, the old woman, who seemed to be dying at any time, sat on the Kang, listening attentively to the movement outside, staring at the dark corner of the room with her white eyes. There seems to be a woman's shadow, the reason why the word is used, because the other side's body is really long and narrow, from a distance, some look like a beauty snake. The woman was half lying on the ground,car radiator cap, as if she had just come out of the water, wet all over, and her black hair dragged to the ground like a mop that had not been wrung out. In the quiet room, only the ticking sound of water drops falling to the ground could be heard. The old woman grinned, showing her shriveled gums, as if she wanted to say a few words first, but in the end, she just showed a smile that she didn't know whether she was happy or sad. This grand scene,car radiator cap, after all, is as you wish. Summer nights are not long. At three or four o'clock, the sky gradually changed from dark to pale, and finally turned to a touch of desolate fish-belly white. The moon hung in the corner of the sky, leaving a vague shadow humbly. Lu Manman was the first to wake up among the players. When she opened her eyes, she sat up, rubbed her sore neck, looked around, and found that the other four were sleeping soundly. To be on the safe side, they arranged to take turns at the vigil last night, and she was second in line, but she was not called up last night. She slept soundly all night, not dreaming, but not tired. This should be the suppression of the "field" of the ghost. Last night, the ghost suppressed all the players in their room into a state of lethargy, Magnetic Drain Plug ,metal stamping parts, so something must have happened during the night. Lu Manman thought so and looked thoughtfully at the room where the two men were. Good luck to them. The day dawned faster and faster, and at six or seven o'clock, the sun rose and the world became bright. Sunlight fell on the eyelash feather, and through the gap fell on the face, Qi Xiuyuan slightly frowned, opened his eyes. Almost instinctively, he immediately looked to his side and saw that the girl had disappeared, the folded bedding and pillows were neatly placed in the corner, and the quilt they shared was covering him. The teenager sat up with the quilt in his hand and calmed down when he heard the sound of cooking in the kitchen. He gently climbed down the Kang and went to the kitchen door. He lifted the curtain and looked in. What he saw was the girl's beautiful dark brown long curly hair. Lu Manman was wearing an apron, holding an iron spoon, and kept stir-frying the potato shreds in the big pot. After several times of continuous stir-frying, she stopped and sprinkled the seasoning on the dish. Salt, light soy sauce, soy sauce.. After putting these three things, the girl paused and seemed to hesitate. After two seconds of hesitation, she took out a small transparent bottle from her pocket, unscrewed it, and sprinkled some crystal white particles into the pot. That's sugar. Perhaps she was just thinking, even if this may be the key props, less use will not have anything, after all, she cooked, do not put some sugar will be uncomfortable. Qi Xiuyuan looked intently and raised his lips. A pair of deep black eyes sparkled with light. When he first met his sister, he was eight years old and she was twelve. They are all children who grew up in the countryside. In the countryside, boys are preferred to girls. Girls have to work for their families when they are very young. After they get married, they just change their families and work hard. A girl of this age has been cooking in front of the stove for several years, and her sister can cook naturally, and her cooking skills are quite good. Although he was a boy, his life was more bitter than hers. His father died and his mother ran away when he was young. He grew up in an empty house at a young age and depended on eating hundreds of meals. There are hundreds of tastes in the meals of hundreds of families, but what impressed him most was a steamed bun she made for him when she first met him. That night, the wind was very strong and it was very cold. He finished eating half a bowl of leftovers from his mother-in-law's house at the entrance of the village, laid the Kang, covered his growling stomach and prepared to sleep, but the door was knocked. He opened the door and there stood a little girl. Said to be a little girl, she is older than him, born tall, very beautiful, with braided hair, big and bright eyes, there is a very distinctive mole in the corner of the eye. She stood in the doorway with her arms folded, trembling in the wind, and her face turned red with cold. "Brother, it's cold outside. Let me go in first and then talk." So he let her break in. The little girl took off her shoes and climbed onto the Kang. She sat on the Kang and warmed up for a while. She took out two squashed steamed buns from her bosom and threw one to him: "Let's discuss something. Your Kang is so big that it's enough for several people to sleep. This steamed bun is for you to eat. Can you give me a place to live these two days?" Because he was hungry, he agreed without hesitation. He took the steamed bread she threw, carefully tore off the dirty skin of the outermost layer, and bit it. The little girl looked hungry and ate hungrily. None of them spoke, and the atmosphere was harmonious and quiet. He ate the steamed bread and looked at her quietly. The little girl seemed to feel it. She raised her head and looked straight at her. Her eyes were bright and magnanimous. She laughed when she saw him dodging. His eyes were curved and his eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings. What are you doing? You can see it if you want. I know I'm beautiful. Then the little girl added in a small voice,alloy die casting, "So my father doesn't even like the betrothal gift of two pigs. He's counting on me to be the daughter-in-law of the river God. He'll get a lot of money." He didn't hear what she said at that time. He looked into her eyes and suddenly felt that the steamed bread was so sweet. I don't know why, but it's far more than the sweet taste of pasta in my mouth. So sweet. At that time, he did not know how to restrain his emotions and said what he thought directly. It's sugar. I put some sugar in it. 。 autoparts-dx.com
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