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  • Instead, Junzhen smiled and raised his hand to rub the child's hair: "Tiaotiao, if you don't want to or are not used to it, you can continue to call him uncle." Tiaotiao pulled the corners of his mouth and said, "If I don't want to, can I call you aunt?" Jun Zhen blinked, and then a face moved: "Tiaotiao, you finally began to respond to my love, willing to call me aunt instead of Jun Zhen." Tiaotiao: "…" Jun really didn't take it seriously. He hooked the tip of the child's hair and said, "It's the same to shout anything. It's good to have love, right, Rong Sheng?" Tiaotiao is speechless. Rong Sheng took one look at Jun Zhen and did not unite with her. His fingers were so tense that he said, "I'm looking forward to Tiaotiao changing his words." After a pause, he added, "I've been looking forward to it." As soon as Jun Zhen heard this, he was a little angry. He looked at Rong Sheng as if he were a traitor. "You are no longer the Rong Sheng I know. Your soul is light!" The atmosphere began to warm up. Jun's mother and father looked at each other and left the table in silence. There were still three people left on the table. Tiaotiao looked at Rong Sheng. Rong Sheng looked back at Tiaotiao. Junzhen looked around and thought about it. He thought it would be better for the father and daughter who had just recognized each other to be alone. So he stood up slowly and said, "I'm going to see the warm soup simmering in the kitchen." Then he left the table. She left the dining room, but did not go to the kitchen, alone into the yard, looking at the thin night in the garden,lutein eye complex, holding a lazy waist, suddenly felt relaxed. Jun's mother came quietly behind her and asked her how she had come out, and her words were not without worry. Yes, worry. Tiaotiao is already so big, but also more precocious than the average child, which leaves a question-the absence of such a long father, in the end is he good,ghana seed extract, or not good. Junzhen held the wall and tried to lower his waist. "It won't be a problem," he replied carelessly. Words reveal trust, trust Rong Sheng can solve this matter. Seeing this, Jun's mother said no more. She glanced at Jun's small waist, which was exposed because of the movement of his lower waist. She clapped her hands and said, "Don't go to exercise earlier. Now I just finished my meal. Who can I show it to?" Jun was really photographed itching meat, did not hold back the burst of laughter out: "Puff, mom, don't make me, very itchy ah!" " Jun's mother twitched twice at the corners of her mouth, scolding her for not being steady at her age. ** Jumping out to see Jun really rely on Jun's mother to act like a spoiled child, so it is very contemptuous to look at Jun really. Jun was really used to being disliked. He was not angry at all. He asked her, "Where is your uncle Rong?" Tiaotiao asked her, "Who?" Jun Zhen raised his eyebrows and asked again, turmeric extract powder ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, "Where is your father?" Tiaotiao said, "clean up the dishes inside." Jun Zhen seemed to smile: "Oh ~ ~ ~" When Tiaotiao saw her like this, he raised his knife and cut her at the waist. The force was soft and did not hurt. Auntie, it's easy for you to get old with your strange appearance. The child said angrily and emphasized the title of "aunt". Jun really laughed that Rong Sheng was quite capable, but he really took Tiaotiao down, so that she was willing to recognize him as her father. At the same time in the heart quite sighs with emotion, lowers the head to sweep jumps one eye, said: "Old is old, anyway you also feel distressed, anyway I am only your aunt." Then he strolled into the room, intending to help Rong Sheng. Tiaotiao's face flashed a different color and looked up at his grandmother. Jun's mother touched the child's head and said gently, "She has been waiting for you." Wait for you to admit her. The next morning, Jun Zhen called Tiaotiao to get up early and planned to send her to school. Tiaotiao refused and said she had a holiday today. It was not until this time that Jun Zhen knew what had happened in the kindergarten. He was afraid and thanked Rong Sheng for helping her protect Tiaotian when she was away. The kindergarten has two days off, but Junzhen is going to work. She punched in to work on time, but as soon as she entered the office, she was surprised by Jiang's presence. At the moment of seeing Jiang Mu, Junzhen's keen observation as a woman broke out, and at a glance he observed Jiang's unusual body. She locked her eyes on Secretary Jiang's face and stayed for a few seconds, saying: "You seem to be different from usual today." Jiang Mu raised his hand to brush his hair, looked up to the sky 45 degrees and fixed his posture. His eyes drifted to Junzhen and asked, "Is it more beautiful to change your makeup?" Jun really said it was quite fresh, but he didn't want her to show off, so he didn't speak. Jiang Mu took out her cell phone to ask Jun Zhen to take a picture for her, saying: "This is a very popular male God to goddess, goddess to fairy makeup recently. Come on, take a picture for this fairy." The corner of Junzhen's mouth twitched. "What is it?" "Take a picture." "What is that male God turning into a goddess?" "Oh, that." Jiang Mu is not persistent in leaving his fairy photo, pulling Jun really chatted, "You haven't been to the place where we live for a long time, so I don't know, we live in the building next door to a few girls and a woman's big brother, the makeup on my face is the imitation of the woman's big brother, that is the real strength of the male God to become a goddess!" "Women's wear boss?"? The one you said last time? "Exactly!" Jun is really strange: "If I remember correctly, the last time we met, you are not still far away from the big man?"? Why do you change to be a fanatic to learn other people's makeup now? Jiang Mu shook his head: "No, no, I am not a fanatic fan of women's clothing, but I am always enthusiastic about the pursuit of beauty." Then he added, "Besides, I didn't learn this makeup from the big brother, but from the girls in the big brother's building. They are the fanatics. I just broke into them and learned from them." Jun is really speechless. Jiang Mu tone a turn, critically staring at Jun really face, proposed: "I help you upgrade the beauty of it." Jun Zhen raised his hands and refused: "No, I look at me like this is very good, I use personality charm to conquer others,naringenin price, like you this lack of connotation of the empty shell beauty just play with their faces all day." Empty shell beauty face expressionless: "One day you and Rong Sheng break up, I must hire someone to cover your sack." Jun Zhen patted her on the shoulder and said, "That's a waste of your sack dust. The relationship between Rong Sheng and me is very good." Jiang Mu remembered something and nodded: "It seems to be quite good. I heard that Rong Sheng is willing to be your daughter's stepfather." Hear about Jiang Mu must have heard a lot from the company staff. prius-biotech.com
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