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  • Su Mingcheng took out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down an address. "Your grandson is in this place now. Your grandson will be transferred to another place tonight. You should contact your family and the police as soon as possible. Otherwise, your grandson will have a disaster if he is late." As soon as Zhao Pingfeng heard this, he was in a hurry. He took the note from the master and immediately called his son. As soon as the phone was connected, he shouted, "Son, I know where Xiaozhi is!" Zhao Pingfeng read the address written by the master twice, "This is the address. You should contact the police/inspectors to save Xiaozhi. Otherwise, Xiaozhi will be transferred to another place if he is late. Xiaozhi will be in danger at that time!" Zhao Pingfeng's son Zhao Bohan listened to his father's choking voice, his eyes were red, no matter how his father knew where Xiaozhi was, since they had an address, they had to go to see what was going on, even if it was a wrong address! Zhao Bohan quickly dialed the number of the police station and asked them to send out the police immediately! After Zhao Pingfeng hung up the phone, he wanted to thank the master, but found that the master had gone. He looked down and saw the eight characters on the ground, "Three divinatory symbols a day, predestined." … Su Mingcheng finished the three divinatory symbols, found a hotel to go in for lunch, and while eating, he heard what the guests in the hotel said. There is no change in Beijing from three years ago, and the top few are still the same. Of course,plastic pallet price, there are also several middle-level families that have declined, and there are also several third-rate families that have become second-rate. Su Mingcheng finished his meal, listened to the gossip, and was about to pay the bill when he heard someone at the table on the right hand side lower his voice and say, "I heard that Master Huang of the Mo family is dying. Is there such a thing?" "It's true. I heard that Master Huang has been in poor health since he changed the life of the short-lived ghost Mo Qingbei three years ago. It's good to be able to hold out until now." A fair-skinned woman curled her lips and answered. Change your life! I said that when I went to Mo's house to attend the banquet, how could Mo Qingbei look so weak that he was doomed to die early? No wonder you have to change your life! A boy with short hair scratched his hair. If Master Huang goes, does their Mo family still have a master to worship? "How is that possible?"? The master of Beijing city is a few, invite not to do offer easily,plastic pallet crates, give a horse to see a geomantic omen for you at most, when offer, they can not agree! "I'd like to see what would happen to the Mo family without Master Huang!" Su Mingcheng listened to the words full of hatred and smiled. It seemed that not only did he and his daughter dislike the Mo family, but there were also many people who did not like them. He stood up and went to the lobby to check out and went home with a smile. When Wen Si returned to the hospital, he strung the seal given by the master with a red rope and put it on his mother. He told her, "Mom, this is the seal given by the master. With it, your operation will be successful." Wen Si's mother, Xing Juan, looked at her daughter with some surprise. Si Si had never believed in fortune-telling, but today she was uncharacteristically wearing a seal for herself? "Sisi, where did you get this seal?" "Mom, you can rest assured that the master is a real master, the iron mouth straight break, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet containers, that's right.". This seal is given by the master, and it must protect you to pass the operation successfully. Winn happily patted the back of his mother's hand. Jiang yuan also comforted Wen Si's mother with a smile, "Yes, aunt.". This master is really capable. I asked him to calculate my life for me, and he got it all right. Daughter and Jiang yuan's firm words and confident expression let Xing Juan also have hope, she has not seen Sisi married to give birth to a grandson, how can she be willing to close her eyes? The next day, Xing Juan was pushed into the operating room. The operation was unexpectedly successful. None of the conditions that appeared during the last operation appeared this time. The doctor who performed the operation breathed a sigh of relief, fearing that he would be as unlucky as last time and that the operation would not be done. Wen Si and his father, Wen Changzhou, stood nervously in front of the operating room waiting. As time went by, their hearts beat faster and faster, as if they were about to jump out of their throats in the next second. More than two hours later, the operating room opened, Xing Juan was pushed out by the nurse, Wen Si and Wen Changzhou rushed forward, "Doctor, how is my wife (mother)?" Wearing a mask, the doctor smiled and said, "The operation was very successful. Ms. Xing can be transferred to the general ward." Wen Si immediately cried with joy, and Wen Changzhou, an iron-boned man, laughed with tears of joy, "Thank you, doctor, thank you, doctor!" The doctor nodded and turned away. Wen's father and daughter rushed to Xingjuan's ward. After the anesthetic effect, Xing Juan woke up. Wen Changzhou excitedly helped her raise the pillow behind her head. "Juanzi, you're awake. Are you hungry? I cooked porridge for you. Do you want to drink some?" Xing Juan looked at the gentle smile on his face, her heart was warm, her tongue was still a little heavy, she only pointed to the teacup on the table, she was a little thirsty. Wen Changzhou and her old couple, a look at her movements will know that she is thirsty, busy to give her a cup of warm water, and then gently fed to her mouth, "take your time, don't worry." After drinking the water, Xing Juan's tongue was much better. She looked around but didn't see her daughter Wen Si. She couldn't help asking, "Si, where is Si?" Wen Changzhou sat on the edge of the bed and held her hand, smiling back to her, "Sisi went to buy food. I am a big man who can endure hunger. Sisi is a little girl who can't stand a day without food, so I sent her to buy food." Xing Juan nodded clearly and patted Wen Changzhou's hand with heartache. "Why don't you eat a little with Sisi? How can I wake up so quickly?" Wen Changzhou felt his wife's heartache and said schemingly, "How can I be willing to leave you? I can't do anything without seeing you wake up at the first time." Xing Juan had tears in her eyes. "Changzhou, I will pay attention to my health in the future. We all agreed to grow old together." "Yes, we are going to grow old together." Wen Changzhou smiled and nodded,plastic pallet bins, but then his expression became dignified, "but this time you are sick, I am afraid it is not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster." "What's the matter?"? Did someone hurt me when I was sick? Xing Juan couldn't believe it. binpallet.com
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